Thursday, 30 May, 2024

Side Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Smoking causes many side effects. Some side effects are: – premature aging, hearing loss, cataracts, breathing complications, impotence and numbness of fingers, tooth decay. The persons who smoke just avoid these harsh realities and they keep smoking.

The physical dependence is caused due to a drug called Nicotine. It is proved that the variations in the brain chemical receptors occurs which make the person need for nicotine. Nicotine controls hunger it some which helps to prevent your weight-gain.

Side Effects of Cigarette Smoking

  • The smoking shortens the lifetime and likely dies from smoking. The few smokers die in middle age even. As such, smoking enhances many types of cancers.
  • The cigarette contains nicotine and carbon monoxide which increases the heart rate as well as blood pressure and damaging blood vessels and your heart.
  • Smoking can leads to cause strokes and heart attacks. The flow of blood is reduced and it slows down oxygen to the hands and feet. Some smokers are there whose limbs have been surgically removed.
  • The lungs are covered by tar and it causes cancer. The smokers 20 a day in a breathe in up equals to full cup of the tar per year.
  • If the smokers switching to the low-tar cigarettes would certainly not help them until they generally take deep breath and hold smoke for long time drag the tar deeper in the lungs.
  • The brain, muscles and body tissue of oxygen is blocked by Carbon monoxide and makes the body and your heart difficulty to work. The airways allow less air into your lungs.
  • The diseases are caused by smoking. The smoking damages the body to suffer for many years. A disease called Emphysema which slowly crumbles the lungs in the body. The persons who used to smoke with emphysema get bronchitis most of the time and also suffer heart failure and lung.
  • Lung cancer due to smoking is caused by tar in tobacco smoke. And men who smoke are generally ten times more at risk to die from lung cancer than non- smokers.
  • The smokers are commonly having the diseases like heart disease and strokes than the non-smokers.

  1. Yuck: The typical smokers cough. It means that the body is trying to bring the poisons from the body.
  2. Yellow Fingers: The persons who used to smoke, and when they hold cigarettes in their hand then their fingers got yellow in color which is not possible to avoid.
  3. Stained Teeth: The smokers used to smile with mouths closed because the teeth whitening will not be permanent.
  4. Lack of Energy: People who do smoking would certainly have lack of energy and they even don’t realize that if they would not smoke then how they would feel.
  5. Circulation Problems: Another side effect of smoking is that it increases strain on your arteries and which reduces the flow of blood.
  6. Shortness of Breath: One more effect of smoking is that it reduces the lung capacity and would face difficulty in breath.
  7. Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is one other effect of smoking which is getting more worsen day by day mainly you will feel more at the first wake up in the morning.
  8. Dizzy Spells: Due to blood and oxygen doesn’t flow like it should around your body, you are prone to have these. Fantastic eh?
  9. Complexion Issues: You will notice that people who smoke looks older than their actual age which is a bad thing.
  10. Taste: Most of smokers have this problem that they are not having any capacity in taste buds. The meal doesn’t taste good like it was before.

The blocks in the blood vessels and fat deposits to thin are caused due to smoking which leads to a heart attack. Most of the deaths are occurred from heart disease because of smoking.